+ Blogging

Blogging is great way to drive organic traffic to your website and boost your SEO (search engine optimization). Kaitlin writes creative and informative blog posts that encourage customer engagement and build brand confidence.

+ Social Media Management

A plethora of social media channels are available at your disposal, making it imperative to decipher which channels are appropriate for your target market. By assessing your current social media profiles, Kaitlin can create social strategy, schedule, and content to increase traffic and engagement.

+ Advertising

Kaitlin can help you craft digital and print advertisements that look and feel like your brand to promote your business, event, or educate your audience. Kaitlin will review your website and social media analytics to help you assess potential advertising opportunities and key audiences.

+ Content Writing

Kaitlin can provide creative and technical content writing for your business. She will echo your brand's voice throughout your website, advertisements, and print pieces.

+ Email Marketing

Many businesses collect customer data without a strategy to capitalize on the information. Kaitlin will set you up on an email marketing platform, design templates, and create strategy to best reach your clients.

+ Web Design & Management

Kaitlin will enhance or create your web presence, quickly and cost effectively, while directing your target market to your products and services.

+ Teaching & Consultation

Unsure about how to craft a stategic marketing plan or want advice on your advertising stategy? Schedule a teaching or consultation session with Kaitlin. Kaitlin specializes in creating marketing, advertising, and social media strategies and teaching clients how to manage their social media platforms, websites, email marketing campaigns.