Why Squarespace?

I have worked on a variety of website builders including WordPress, Jombla, Wix, and of course Squarespace. When I launched Kaitlin Chester Communications, I knew without a doubt I would be using Squarespace for my business website & blog and recommending it to the majority of my clients.

Squarespace provides a content management system allowing you to create and host sites, implement responsive templates, increase SEO, and evaluate site analytics. Although there are always exceptions to the rule, here are top three reasons Squarespace is the best choice for most businesses.


For well under $200/year, I have a mobile-friendly website (including domain name fees!). As a new business on a budget, I appreciate the ability to create a beautiful website that incorporates the look and feel of my branding without breaking the bank. Squarespace’s templates are beautifully designed (I use the Brine template) and easy to customize with your company’s branding elements. 

Squarespace allows you a two week trial to tweak, edit, and perfect your website before going live. Two weeks is more than enough time to decipher if the platform is right for you, your business, or your client.  

If price is the make it or break it feature for you, I would recommend Wix, which you can edit and re-edit endlessly before paying a dime. If cost is no factor at all, perhaps purchasing a theme or having a designer create one for you, is the way to go. It all comes down to your business goals and budget.  

The goal with the Kaitlin Chester Communications was to launch a professional, mobile-friendly website cost-effectively and with ease.


Squarespace provides a large catalog of beautiful templates appropriate for a wide variety of business types and personal use. The templates are easy to test and install before going live on your site and are included in the under $200 price.  

I recommend doing your research ahead of time on what features you are looking for in your Squarespace site before picking a template. I ended up choosing the Brine template because of the customization options. That said, it is very easy to change the template if your business evolves and needs new features.

 A great analogy I have read time and time again when comparing Squarespace and WordPress is Android vs. Apple. Squarespace is a closed system like Apple whereas WordPress is open-source like Android. Again, this comes back around to budget. Do you have it in your budget not only pay for Wordpress themes and plugins, but also the time it takes you or an employee to manage and update the back-end of the website?    

Note: I have seen beautiful Joomla websites, don’t get me wrong. And unless there have been some major developments since the last time I was on the back-end of a Joomla site (late-2016), the customization I expect out of a website just wasn’t there. I remember being disappointed in the functionality of the template. Basic edits were next to impossible without CSS coding or getting a new template.

User Interface

Once a Squarespace site is established, making a text or photo change is simple. Updated your company colors or fonts? It very simple to update in the Style Editor so your website continues to be an extension of your brand.  

In addition, if you come across a problem on your site simply begin an online chat with a Squarespace representative. The Squarespace team is friendly and willing to help you sort through your issues whether it be a stylistic update or transferring a domain name. And did I mention it is free?? Contacting your web developer is costly and trying to Google the answer might be even costlier in terms of time and making sure the tip or trick is reputable or up-to-date with the current version of your Wordpress plugin or theme.  

Simply put, after working daily on a Wordpress site in my last job, the platform is not intuitive and it required a lot of Google searches, calls to the web designer, and a lot of band aid “fixes”. I have said it before and I will say it again, I absolutely could not have worked on a Wordpress site without the lifesaving plugin Visual Composer (for an additional $34).  

Squarespace removes a lot of headaches and overspending that is often involved in maintaining a website.

In terms of user interface, I also recommend Wix. It is quick and easy to update and as I have said time and time again to my clients, if you can update your Facebook page you can update your Wix website. Note: Wix is a great solution to provide to clients on a budget who would like to do most of the website maintenance themselves

Do you use Squarespace? If not, what is your favorite platform and why? I’d love to hear from you! Share your comments, questions, and suggestions below.