Rack Cards or Trifolds?

No matter your industry, at one point or another you will find yourself asking “Rack cards or trifolds?” I’m here to tell you: RACK CARDS! Sorry for screaming, but this is a topic I feel strangely passionate about. There is no hypothetical to this question in which the answer would ever be anything but “rack card”.

A trifold can be a beautiful representation of your brand, service, or good. But, I assure you anything a trifold can do, a rack card can do better. A rack card is more effective in purpose, content, time, and money than a trifold. Trifolds have been the status quo for some time. It can be challenging at times as a freelancer to explain to a customer who is used to seeing trifold brochures to switch to a rack card (and sometimes they won't). Here are four convincing reasons to pick a rack card.


What is the purpose of your printed marketing material? You hope someone picks up your brochure from a display, engages with your brand’s physical presentation and content, and eventually purchases your goods or services. A trifold features multiple pages of content and graphics. Instead, pair down your message and feature one or two of the best graphics.

I promise you the intended purpose can be accomplished in two folds instead of six - cross my heart and hope to die.


This is arguably my biggest complaint about trifolds: There is (almost) never the appropriate amount of content for each fold so you end up abbreviating crucial information in certain places and adding unnecessary content in others.

Rack cards force you to be more minimalist in nature. All a rack card requires is a kickass photo or graphic, compelling text, and a clear call to action. In my humble opinion, it is easier to direct your potential customer to visit your website or give you a call when there is less clutter (i.e. unnecessary content!)

Quick Tip: Always place your logo at the top of your rack card. This will give your brand better visibility in a display with numerous brochures.


I know very little about math, but I do know this: it takes longer to create content and design a brochure with six panels than two panels. This means you will get your printed brochure quicker. Less content and design means a quicker turnaround time with both the graphic designer and printer. And as they say, time is money.


A rack card will save you money, plain and simple. You will spend less money on graphic design and printing by choosing a rack card. With less to design and less ink used, there is no debating which option costs less. Even if you’re designing the brochure yourself or in-house, that is still someone’s time that is being taken up unnecessarily. Sorry to repeat myself, but time is money.

So, do you use rack cards or trifolds? I’d love to hear which you prefer and why, leave your comments below.