Adobe Spark 101

adobe spark, graphic design, social media

Social media management is a full-time job. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can't dedicate the time necessary to create and curate social media graphics. Enter Adobe Spark.

Over the past year I have found myself coming back to Adobe Spark to create social media graphics. The user interface is intuitive and simple and for a great result you only need 5-10 minutes for an engaging social graphic.

Tip: Carve out a couple hours weekly to have a library of Adobe Spark images to use throughout your social media platform

Follow the steps below to create a kick ass graphics with Adobe Spark.

  • Pick a photo or stock image (Pixabay, Kaboompics, & Pexels are a few of my favorite free stock image sites and for textures and backgrounds my go-to sites are Creative Market & Design Cuts)
  • Find a quote or saying (Thank you Pinterest & Google Images!)
  • Login to Adobe Spark (note: you need to have an Adobe account, which is free, to access the program)
  • Click Create a Post
  • Enter your quote and pick the graphic size. Is your post for Facebook or Instagram? Don't worry, Adobe Spark provides you with the correct dimensions for various social sites and you can change it after the fact.
  • Once the page loads, your quote will be sitting over a pre-selected image. Click the image and hit replace, you will be prompted to upload your own photo or background.
  • Once your image loads, click the text button and use the Style Suggestion tools to see various layouts with your text and image
  • When you've selected the look and feel you'd like for your image, click the share button and download the image and upload it to the appropriate social channel

Do you use Adobe Spark for your social graphics? I'd love to see! Share your Adobe Spark graphics with #kccadobespark.